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Why maintain your trees? 

We pride ourselves in the services that we offer. We want our customers to understand that proper tree maintenance is extremely important for the health of your trees. Keeping your trees healthy and beautiful can increase the value of your property, keep your neighbors happy with the look of the neighborhood, eliminate any hazardous situations, and keep bugs and pests away. We are confident we can tackle any job you give us. 


Tree removal / Dead Wooding



The first rule of quality tree care is removal of problem trees and dead wooding existing trees that are in good health. This rids disease and decay and eliminates dangerous, dead trees or undesirable problem trees. Trees are slow to respond to stress. Decaying bark, dying roots and branches, and wilting leaves are signs a tree is under a lot of stress and more susceptible to disease and insect issues. Trees that have been under stress for a long period of time need to be removed to prevent further damage.  



tree removal in Clemson

Tree Trimming / Pruning

Also for proper tree care, trimming and pruning is very important for a tree's life. It improves the health of trees, increases the natural beauty of the tree as well as the surrounding area by encouraging strong branch structure, and prevents property damage from low hanging limbs or overgrowth. Periodically trimming and pruning trees promotes proper growth and strengthens the tree's structure which not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing, but also prevents the issues that come along with weakened and broken branches. Good tree maintenance can help reduce the risk of a headache in the future! 

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Storm Damage Clean Up/
Emergency Response

By quickly responding to storm damage, you prevent further damage, allow quicker time for structural repairs, and promote a safer environment for your property. A big part of our quality tree care is providing you with peace of mind. We can immediately begin in all emergency situations because we are an on-call 24/7 tree company. Do not put yourself in danger after a storm, let us assess the damage and get it cleaned up quickly. We can also help you decide on the best option or whether the tree can be saved. We deal with insurance claims frequently, so let us do the footwork for you.  

storm damage clean up in Seneca


When having a tree removed you have the option of whether or not you would like us to chip up the limbs and leave them on-site. Generally when you are having a lot of debris hauled away, we may chip anyways to increase efficiency, reduce time and condense space, but we are always willing to leave the chips with you. They can be used as a great mulch alternative for flower beds or walkways, pet bedding, compost, etc.

We're always looking for places nearby to dump our wood chips. They can be used for walkways, mulch, compost, just about anything you want! 

There is an app/website called abouttrees.com that we use to try to find places near our job sites to dump chips at. This is a great resource that allows us to keep our rates affordable. It helps us and you! 

If you're interested in free wood chip delivery, click the button below and enter your information. We'll be able to see it and if we're close by, we'll send some your way! 

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Stump Grinding

Whether you have a stump you would like to have ground down or would like this service added on to a tree removal, we have the capabilities. This eliminates any tripping hazards and doesn't allow a habitat for termites, ants, bees, snakes, and other animals. Grinding versus a full removal doesn't require extra fill dirt and is a less harsh option for your landscaping. Think long term when having a tree removed. Will you be doing some sort of landscaping in the area? Will it create a dangerous situation for anyone in your family? Or maybe you just don't want the eye sore? We can fix it!

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Lot Clearing/ Minor Logging

We also do some logging of minor tracts of land. Logging is the work of cutting trees for timber and lot clearing can consist of brush, privet, saplings, and other plant life. Some land may be overgrown with invasive species of plants or may have just been neglected for far too long. If you need land or a lot cleared for whatever reason, contact us and we will do our best to get everything cleaned up to your standards.