Frequently Asked Questions



Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed and insured. 


can i get a copy of your insurance certificate?

You can either give us your email address and we will have our proof of insurance emailed over to you or you can contact our insurance agent and request a copy. You can find that information below: 

Roberts Insurance Agency

Simply tell them that you would like to be sent a copy of Mullinax Tree Service's proof of insurance. They will need your name, address, and an email/fax number to send it to. 


how much does it cost to cut down my tree?

Pricing Factors

Well. There isn't a straight answer to that question. It depends on a lot of different things such as how big the tree is, what you are wanting done, if it's hazardous in any way, if we are able to access it, if you would like everything hauled away or left on site, etc. So we will always need to send someone out to provide you with an estimate for your tree care, but don't worry estimates are free!


We have bucket trucks, dump trucks, a mini excavator, a skid steer, a chipper, a stump grinder, and climbers as well. We are sure that we can tackle any job you might have!

What equipment do you have?